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January 23, 2010


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Oooo I really like this one. Of course, I like them all so far... Do you really cut this all out by hand? What is the process? Do you draw it first? Xacto knife?

Thanks Kara:) Yes, I cut it out with an Xacto. Some paper cutters use teeny-tiny scissors but I think that would make me crazy! I always draw first but end up using it as more of a guideline because it changes a lot as I go on. I'll definitely do a tutorial post at some point. :)

Just lovely - I can't imagine the patience and skill your papercuts must take. Good luck with the judging!!

Thank you so much Sarah!

Gorgeous papercuts!

Thank you Alex! :)

I love this nest with the great wines ohhhhh lovely.

I'm getting promises.


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